About Us

High Sierra Cyclists (HSC) is a non-profit, 501c3, tax-exempt, incorporated organization. We are dedicated to facilitating outdoor activity and promote this endeavor through the joy of biking. We encourage fitness and activity in any form really, and happily support our high desert partner, Over the Hill Track Club (OTHTC), to this end.

So, what type of riding do we do? Any kind that brings a smile to our faces and, sometimes, tons of lactic acid to our muscles! We try not to focus on what kind it is, we just try to surround ourselves with positive, fun, adventurous people and activities, and it always works out. We have no concerns regarding what type of bike you ride, how new or old you are to the sport, or whether you know the difference between enduro or endurance riding. There is something on our calendar for everyone, whether you are interested in an 8-mile ride around town to admire Christmas lights, dressing up at Halloween and following a scavenger hunt to collect your cards for our poker run during our Masqueride, or torturing yourself for 136 miles while climbing approximately 14,000 feet as you move from the lowest point in the contingent US to the highest point on our Badwater to Whitney Ride!

Many of our club members do both Frenchying (what most people recognize as road riding) and mountain biking. From the Rademacher Hills in our backyard, to the singletracks in the Kernville area, we have access to great mountain biking year around. Likewise, we have Nine Mile Canyon just up the road from us, as well as Onion Valley, Horseshoe Meadows, and Whitney Portal. The latter three combine for our very own little Death Ride – The Lone Pine Triple Challenge, which encompasses 120 miles and around 17,000 feet of climbing. We capitalize on our spectacular surroundings regularly; take a look at our schedule and photo gallery to get a better idea of what we do and to see us in action!

In addition to promoting regular exercise and adventure, we also believe that reciprocity is the backbone of a strong community. Having said that, we are working toward donating to our community more regularly now that we are officially a 501c3. Eventually, a generous portion of the proceeds collected at most of our events will consistently be donated to an entity chosen by that event’s director. For example, if our October Masqueride generates $100, the majority will go toward perhaps the Boys and Girls Club if the event director so chooses.

Feel free to Book our Face, contact us via e-mail (highsierracyclist@gmail.com), or just show up to one of our events. Happy trails!